HyvesTV Chrome Extension

HyvesTV on YouTube

HyvesTV is a product within the Social Network Hyves.  Where users could make lists of YouTube video’s and share these with their friends on Hyves. They can for example add this to a humor or favorites video list.

[The website Hyves stopped per 02-12-2013, so this extension no longer exists]

When you are on Hyves you can easily add a YouTube video by copying this from another Hyves user. Within YouTube.nl there is also a share function that shows a Hyves Share button.

What I wanted to do is making the adding of a YouTube video to the Hyves site  much easier. So I developed a Chrome Extension to insert some javascript/HTML to every page where a YouTube code is found.

Check it out yourself and install it through this link: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/icgedbnmpgfdoaifdglgpffndhlbkhca

The source code for this extension is available on Bitbucket on https://bitbucket.org/derkmdt/chrome-hyves-hyvestv . Feel free to contribute and contact me.

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