Hyves Respect Chrome Extension

Respect Button within the browser
Respect button

On Hyves you can Respect content items by giving Respect like a Like on Facebook. You can also Respect external content (based on OpenGraph information). To make this easier when you’re not on Hyves, I’ve developed an Chrome Extension that integrates this functionality within the Chrome Browser.

[The website Hyves stopped per 02-12-2013, so this extension no longer exists]

A nice gimmick within this extension is the sound feedback that you can hear when you  Respect (this is a setting). It uses the Text To Speech (TTS) within the Google Chrome Extensions API.

Install it at: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/lenekoljdapadogbbplmddghogdpcgme

The source code for this extension is available on Bitbucket on https://bitbucket.org/derkmdt/chrome-hyves-respect . Feel free to contribute and contact me.

Respect confirmation

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