Hyves RSS gadget

Rss gadget profile

I was missing a good RSS gadget on the Social Network Hyves, so I made one myself. There are 3 versions of this gadget at the moment (General OpenSocial, Twitter, General iFrame). The OpenSocial version of this gadget shows a selected feed, the title or content and a specific amount of items in the feed can be chosen. There are some preselected feeds where you can choose from, these are popular webistes in the Netherlands. But next to that you can also fill in a custom rss-feed-url.

Within the Hyves gadgetgallery the RSS gadget is shown. You can install it on a user profile from here.

Hyves I love gadget

I love gadget screenshot

For Dutch Social Network Hyves I developed a gadget that’s called “I love…”. It’s a gadget that can be placed on your personal Hyves profile. It’s a simple way of showing your friends what you love. When your friends also place the gadget, they will also see this love. The gadget makes use of technique OpenSocial (the platform that Hyves uses for it’s gadgets) and is mainly writen in Flash AS2 and Javascript.